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Planning Travel

With our unique travel services, we make planning and perspective easy for you.

Make the best use with our Travel Services:

  • Corporate and Individual Forex
  • Acceptance – Exemption of Foreign Banknotes
  • Corporate Consultants and Deliveries
  • Land Arrangements
  • Telegraphic Transfers
  • Vertex Security Services

Corporate and Individual Forex

Inter Africa offers all the major currencies and with prior notice often able to assist with more exotic currencies.

Acceptance - Exemption of Foreign Banknotes

This is an authorization given by the South African Reserve Bank to a business or a person, whose business is directly related to the tourism industry, to receive foreign currency as payment for goods or services rendered. Inter Africa will apply on behalf of qualifying clients for this exemption for free.

Corporate Consultants and Deliveries

To service our clients at their convenience we offer corporate consultant and delivery services. They complete their transactions via their personal consultant and get the forex delivered to their premises.

Land Arrangements

Our Corporate Clients can prepay for their accommodation and associated travel cost, more than 60 days prior to the date of departure thanks to our land arrangements facility. This is quite helpful for managing expenses and planning trips.

Vertex Security Services

Vertex Security Services was established in 2018 and has diversified significantly, now providing services in the fields of Cash Services, Security Services, and Intergraded Facility Services.

Cash Services:

– Vertex Cash Deposit Center

– Cash in Transit

– End-To-End Cash Management

– Technical Services

Telegraphic Transfers

Inward Transfer

We can receive incoming TTs sent by foreigners for advance or full payment of travel-related expenses. Standard Bank South Africa facilitates all our TTs.


Outward Transfer

A telegraphic transfer (TT) is a transfer of funds via the international SWIF network; it takes three to five working days for the funds to reflect in the foreign bank account. TTs can be used to pay Land Arrangements or to have one’s Travel Allowance transferred to your own bank account abroad.


Omnibus Travel Facilities

Companies can apply to Inter Africa for Omnibus travel facilities to the value of R20 million per calendar year without exchange control approval. This facility can be allocated to representatives of the company traveling aboard.

Inter Africa will apply to the South African Reserve Bank on behalf of our clients for an increase of this facility, free of charge, Inter Africa will need all FICA documentation from interested parties before an application can be approved.